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I’m not talking about myself. These mom bosses I am referring to are the incredible community of supportive working moms I have had the pleasure of corresponding with through social media this year. When I first came out with my fears of maternity leave on […]


If you’ve been reading this blog for a while or subscribe to my newsletter, you know I am a podcast junkie. Instead of just linking one or two in the Kale Khronicle this week under my #obsessed category, I thought I would give you a […]

Healthy Tips if You Work in an Office!

As you may or may not know, I worked in a corporate office environment for just over 6 years before doing Kale and Krunches full time. And believe it or not, I found it WAY easier to live a healthy lifestyle in those days compared […]

My WORST Pregnancy Symptom

Overall I have been VERY lucky with how I’ve felt in my pregnancy. And no matter what, I cannot complain. But I’m always being real with you guys so I also won’t pretend that I’ve felt 100% amazing and 100% like myself. I’ll give it […]

How to Stay on Track with Your Goals

Can you believe Q1 of 2019 is already done? So crazy, right?! So…how’s the year going so far? I mean really, have you actually evaluated where you are in your personal and business life versus where you want to…or thought you would be? If that […]

All Time Favorites

What I Eat in a Day | On the Go

I’ve posted a lot of these vlogs before but this one was particularly interesting to film because I had ZERO food planned for one of the busiest days of my week! This past Tuesday I started my morning working from home, taught a fitness class, […]