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Facing My Fears at 30: Mont Tremblant Recap

When I was invited back in September to spend a winter weekend in Mont Tremblant, I was filled with joy and excitement…until it dawned on me. Does this mean I have to try skiing? That’s right, I’m a 30 year old Toronto native who had somehow managed […]

Miso Maple Salmon

When I meal prep I follow the same basic rules:  Cook two – three types of protein (usually chicken and fish) Make two types of complex carbs (usually sweet potato and quinoa) Prepare two – three types of green veggies (almost always broccoli, asparagus and […]

Collaboration vs. Competition

There is a trending ‘C’ word in the health and wellness, social media space of 2018 and no, it isn’t cauliflower.  The word is collaboration and I couldn’t be happier about it. By now we all know the two sides to social media. On the […]